What We Do

For Candidates

Kickstart Your Campaign For Office

Once you’ve committed to a race, we work with you to launch a strong campaign for office. Step by step we go through filings, ensure compliance is set up, work on your message, platform, and stump speech, set up your website and digital presence, organize your networks for fundraising, and use our network to identify with you the best consultants and campaign staff you need while you focus your time on the bigger picture. Provided is hands on coaching and consulting that lasts for 8 weeks where we work on an action plan and weekly goals to advance the campaign. Whether you’re in a local, state or federal race, we use our years of experience on campaigns to give your campaign a critical head start.


Need just an experienced strategic hand to round out your campaign team? We provide support and technical assistance to candidates and campaign staff on field and fundraising, and we fill in wherever our expertise is needed when things get really busy.



Ramping up new programs or revising existing programs can take up a lot of existing staff time for an organization. Whether it’s fine tuning a training, creating a new leadership development program, or developing programs to engage new communities like young people, we’ll use our expertise to grow your organization’s capacity to make progressive impact.

Photo: Rally


Money moves the movement. We use our experience raising hundreds of thousands for national and state PACs and organizations to give you the edge to meet your goals. Some organizations need help identifying where to find donors that would give to their cause, some need grant research and writing support or fundraising coaching. We use our years of experience and the latest ways to identify new prospects and develop structure to grow your organization’s capacity to raise money and serve your community


Executing political programming in today’s political environment is much more demanding for the progressive movement. There are more candidates with more need for support and communities to engage politically on new levels with not enough staff to do it all! Whether it’s envisioning and executing a get out the vote program, managing or developing aspects of your political program, or creating a new training we’ll use our expertise to develop and execute your organization’s electoral programs.



The 18-40 demographic is the most sought after demographic to engage for campaigns, non-profits, and companies. They are very different from previous generations, very racially diverse and very consumer savvy. Whether you are trying to create or revive a young professionals program for your non-profit, increase young voter turnout, or engage young leaders in your political or issue advocacy campaign. You don’t have to change your mis-sion just your outreach approach. Using years of experience organizing young people in politics and organizations along with the latest research and technology, we’ll help you develop programs that will engage and retain young people for your organization or campaign.Atima Omara leading discussion with millennials


There is an old adage: When women vote, Democrats win. This is increasingly the case if you are a woman of color. Effectively reaching and engaging women voters, supporters, consumers can be the critical decision for campaigns and organization. We use our decade long experience to develop targeted political programming to reach key women voters and advocates.

Atima Omara on a panel for Young Women's Political Leadership


Explosive population growth of people of color in America over the past fifty years has laid the foundation for a Rising American Electorate consisting of women, people of color, young people. By 2040, this nation will be majority African American, Latinos, and Asian Americans or some combination of the aforementioned race/ethnic groups. To capitalize on engaging these growing communities as voters, there needs to be substantive engagement of them politically. We use our fifteen years of experience successfully organizing women, youth, and various communities of color for campaigns and organizations to make the right recommendations for your work’s success and long term impact.