What We Do

Kickstart Your Campaign For Office

We help a candidate go from training to campaign for office launch to ensure the foundation of a campaign is strong for success. Over eight weeks, we work with you on an action plan and weekly goals to advance the campaign: your message and platform to getting you set up on your website and digital presence, organizing candidate’s networks to start fundraising, and using our vast network to identify the best consultants and campaign staff for your needs while you focus your time on the bigger picture. Whether you’re in a local, state or federal race, we use our years of experience on campaigns to give your campaign a critical head start.


We provide experienced support to round out your campaign team. As a former campaign manager, field and finance staff, we can provide expertise in many areas especially as it relates to field and fundraising. We can also supplement our field and fundraising work with multi-channel communications support through live calls, texting, and digital to amplify efforts to reach donors and voters for your campaign

Training/Curriculum Development Services

From drafting curriculum, to organizing agendas and recruiting trainers, we work with organizations on custom training needs as they arise from one to two hour, half day or full day sessions for staff, activists, or candidates. In addition, we can draft and conduct 45 to 90 minute training sessions, write or edit curriculum and provide ongoing content planning for your programmatic needs.

Targeted Voter/Supporter Engagement

Executing effective political programming for candidates and causes is critical for political organizations. We advise, help develop, and execute voter or supporter engagement plans. We help you identify and mobilize the universe of communities you want to reach with messaging support for text and live calls. We also specialize in  outreach to women and communities of color.

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Media Training + Earned Media Support

As a candidate, you will need help nailing that media interview, but you also need support gaining more earned media opportunities at the national level. In today’s 24/7 news cycle, state and local media might not be enough to break through. We’ll work with you and your team to land and prepare you for those critical interviews that’ll grow the visibility needed to accomplish your campaign goals. We can also provide additional support with debate prep, review of speeches, talking points, and op-eds as needed

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