Faces of the Democratic Future: Young Leaders on the Future of the Democratic Party

“The Democrats need to think about how we situate ourselves, knowing that we’re going into the next couple of elections without Obama on the ticket. The Obama campaign is what turned Virginia blue. African Americans were inspired to move to the polls in a way they haven’t been in a while. The same goes for Latinos. Young people were really engaged in the past two presidential cycles, but they’re not midterm voters. The challenge is to keep that momentum going”.

—Atima Omara, American Prospect, 2014

Democrats: Don’t Blame Party Woes on “Identity” Politics

“The country is rapidly changing according to the census in 2016; babies of color now outnumber non-hispanic white babies being born. Failing to appreciate and invest in policy solutions and substantive political engagement in communities of color is a recipe for continued losses”.

— Atima Omara, AlterNet 2016

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Good Morning Washington

Atima Omara on Good Morning Washington