3R3A9930Atima Omara, President & Founder  is a nationally recognized award-winning political strategist, advocate, and speaker who has spent 17 years engaging youth, women, and people of color  at the intersection of politics and advocacy in the progressive movement. As a former campaign staffer, non-profit executive, organizer, government aide, and candidate for public office herself, Atima is passionate about enacting electoral and social change through her firm Omara Strategy Group, LLC which works to build progressive political power and enact a more representative democracy by working with candidates from underrepresented communities in politics and organizations that center women, LGBTQ and/or people of color in their advocacy and political work. 


Atima has worked with progressive candidates as campaign manager, field director, finance staffer, and in other roles on more than nine federal, state, and local political campaigns.  She has campaigned in red states and purple states and in both urban and rural districts across the country. She has not only led and organized voter registration drives, ballot initiatives, and get-out-the-vote operations in low-income communities of color and immigrant communities but has duplicated that success with strategic digital organizing work to turn out voters in support of progressive candidates. In addition to working with candidates, Atima has also organized successfully for both labor unions and community organizations as well as coordinated campaigns and independent expenditures.

Atima brings unique experience as a political strategist who has actually run for public office and political party office herself.  In 2013, Atima gained national attention when she was nationally elected as the first black President of the Young Democrats of America (YDA) in the organization’s 81-year history.  YDA is the nation’s largest youth partisan membership-based organization, and it is an official youth arm of the Democratic Party.  Additionally, Atima has honed her expertise as a leader and political strategist in roles such as Director of Candidate Engagement for #VOTEPROCHOICE, Vice President of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, an organizer at SEIU, a political organizer for Project Vote, and Special Assistant to the Governor during Mark Warner’s administration in Virginia.

As a former candidate, Atima is also uniquely qualified to support women candidates and women-focused organizations after more than 15 years of working for the social and political advancement of women. Atima has traveled the country training candidates to run for office and training activists to organize for organizations that include but not limited to: Vote Run Lead, Higher Heights for America, National Democratic Training Committee and New American Leaders. In addition, her expertise in politics and advocacy is requested for panels, trainings, in the media and she has spoken on political participation and leadership and issues important to young people, women, and people of color including but not limited to the: National Urban League Convention in 2014, the National Organization for Women’s Conference in 2014, the Women & Politics Institute at American University in 2018, Netroots National Annual Conferences 2017-19. Atima is also a graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, EMILY’S List, and Wellstone Action training academies.

She has served in board leadership roles of multiple c4 & PAC organizations some of which previously included: the Virginia Partisans (now known as the LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC) that endorsed LGBTQ+ candidates for office, and Planned Parenthood Metro Washington Fund.  She currently serves on the board of Emerge Virginia and the Virginia’s List PAC.

Photo: phone banking at campaign HQ


Atima has traveled extensively as a sought after speaker on national politics, millennial vote and activism, and women’s rights, appearing multiple number of times as a political commentator on national and international news outlets including: MSNBC, CNN, PBS, Fox News, Sirius XM, and NPR.

She has been quoted by the Washington Post, American Prospect, Politico, ABC News and The Atlantic and other state and local news outlets on how race and gender affect culture and politics and her writings on these topics have been featured in Salon, Mic, American Prospect, The Root, HuffPost, The Hill, Talking Points Memo, & Ebony Magazine to name a few.


For her work, Atima has received frequent recognition including being listed as one of Ebony Magazine’s 2013 “Power 100”, and Jet Magazine’s 2013 “40 under 40”. Atima was also featured in Essence Magazine in their November 2013 list of “Ten Things We’re Talking About”. She was awarded the Young Women of Achievement Award in Leadership from the DC’s Women’s Information Network in 2014 and Leadership Center for Excellence “40 under 40” in the DC Metro Area in 2018

She received her BA from the University of Virginia and her Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Non-Profit Management at George Mason University.