Omara Strategy Group President, Atima Omara Pens Op-Ed for HuffPost

Atima Omara writes that in order to increase gender parity in politics , particularly in all levels of government sometimes the male candidate has to lose.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders v. Hillary Clinton in the fight for the Democratic nomination for President, the number of women particularly within the Democratic Party has returned as the topic du jour in 2016. Some argue that the most qualified person should get the job, a sentiment with which I agree, although it has become clear in recent days being “qualified” clearly means different things to different people.

That all being said, the fight to increase gender representation in politics has reached an uncomfortable crossroads for many in politics, because to increase gender representation in politics, sometimes the nice qualified male candidate will have to lose.

Click here to read the rest of Omara Strategy Group’s President, Atima Omara op-ed for Huffpost

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