Andrea Campbell

is a lawyer, politician, and the now the Attorney General of Massachusetts, as well as a former member of the Boston City Council.

Leveraging message to breakthrough national 24/7 media cycle

Support Needed

In 2021, Atima Omara was brought on as a Senior Communications Advisor to advise on general campaign strategy and narrative framing for Andrea Campbell’s campaign for Mayor of Boston.

Strategy Developed

Omara Strategy Group effectively integrated Campbell’s story, vision, and campaign message into local, state, and national level media cycles.


Over 100 hours of Comms support logged.

This work included media coaching and training, debate prep, rapid response support to breaking news, content drafting, and a multi-pronged pitching strategy to secure additional interview opportunities at national outlets.

Results Obtained

This resulted in Andrea Campbell landing interviews in two primetime, national cable news outlets, as well as op-ed placement in a nationally circulated magazine.

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