Omara Strategy Group President Pens Op-Ed for Washington Post’s The Lily

Atima Omara writes that it’s time for progressive organizations and the Democratic Party to recruit, train, fund and elevate black women leadership.

At this year’s Golden Globes, talk show billionaire, actress, producer and legend Oprah Winfrey was bestowed the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award and gave a powerful speech about service to others, race, gender and sexual assault.

Many called her presence “presidential” and the speech led to calls for her to run in 2020. Then the backlash came. There are plenty of reasons why our country shouldn’t be in the business of electing celebrities or business people to be president. However, there are plenty of other women of color who could be fit to lead this country, their states and local communities.

After the 2016 elections and the special Senate election in Alabama, it finally became clear to everyone who is not black that African Americans, particularly black women voters, are the deciding factor in many critical races important to Democratic victories.Many Democrats and progressive organizations were on social media the day after the election in Alabama celebrating black women’s ability to mobilize and come out on election day to protect progressive values.

Let me be clear: Celebration is not enough.

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